Google has updated its Google Search app, adding live public transport information and reminder cards for Google Now. The updates to Google Now are already live, with the update available in Google Play.

The Reminders feature works by hooking up with your to-do lists and then will consistently remind you each time something needs doing.

Products have also been added to Google Now, so any imminently released book, album or TV show will trigger a new card. Google bases the recommendations on previous searches, so it should be indicative of what you are interested in.

Live public transport info is a very impressive addition to Google Now. Before the update, booting up Google Now would result in transport information based around your local train station or bus route. Now, provided you are in one of a few select cities, that information will be given in real-time, so you can see if your bus is late or when the last train home might be.

At the moment things are Android only, with Google keeping schtum as to when exactly it will come to the iOS Google Search app. If you fancy updating, then all you need to do is head over here via your Android device.

Hunter Skipworth

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