BlackBerry's Q5 has been confirmed for sale in the UK by Phones 4u. The phone, which is planned for release from July, will be the first mid-range handset to run the new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

While Phones 4u didn't go into date or price specifics, BlackBerry has until now remained very cagey about exactly where the Q5 would be going on sale. 

Phones 4u has previously helped launch new BlackBerry handsets in the UK, including the Q10 and Z10, both of which went on sale at the chain of shops exclusively in white for a limited time.

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From our brief time with the phone it looks like an impressive proposition. A lot of its success will depend on price, but given the speedy performance of BlackBerry 10, the handset handles better than a lot of the mid-range Android competition.

Expect more on BlackBerry Q5 pricing and availability as soon as we have it. 

Hunter Skipworth

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