Skype is coming to the BlackBerry Z10. Announced at BlackBerry Live, the app will arrive as part of a new BlackBerry 10.1 update for the handset which will hit some devices from today, with further roll-out expected by carriers at the end of this week.

The Z10 already supports video calling via BBM, but the lack of Skype has been a serious omission from the handset for some time. The Z10 has a 2-megapixel camera on the front, perfect for video calling.

In addition, the BlackBerry 10.1 update adds several other key features. The BlackBerry Hub has been improved, with PIN to PIN support for direct communication between BlackBerry devices added. Attachment support has been improved too.

Notifications can be personalised on BlackBerry 10.1. You can customise ringtones, vibration and use the LED light for different contacts and accounts.

Fine cursor control has been introduced, which allows you to call up a cursor and manipulate it to grab character by character.

BlackBerry 10.1 adds a HDR mode to the camera, which allows the phone to take multiple shots and layer them in order to provide the best brightness and contrast for a specific photo. And there are many more fixes and tweaks.

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BlackBerry also announced the new Q5 Qwerty keyboard handset during the event. The phone, which has long been rumoured as the R10, is aimed at emerging markets and users on a budget.

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