Back in March we were all a-flutter about the Voyager space programme and whether or not it had finally reached the edge of our Solar System. The debate rages, but one thing we couldn’t really answer at the time, was just how far away is that? You can say it in numbers, but you really need a sense of scale to get your head round it,

One of the team remembered this:, a handy infographic from last year that illustrates just how staggeringly enormous our known universe is. Scrolling down you reach each new layer of the visible space around us and the objects that exist there.

It’s not that long before the man-made objects are few and far between, then it’s just planets, comets and lots and lots of space. Eventually you reach the Voyager probes and you do suddenly realise that they really have travelled a long way. The end of the graphic adds a further sense of the enormity of the universe. If you get that far, of course.