It’s difficult to explain exactly what actually is, because it’s not really a blog and it’s not really a standard Tumblr either.

What is most definitely is though, is a collection of links, images and design-orientated ephemera from all over the internet curated by somebody with a very keen eye. Peter Nidzgorski posts things that he finds here, be they amusing, informative or for the most part just things of digital beauty.

There are classic cartoons, vintage posters, tasteful nudes (it’s rated PG-13 so be warned), cutting-edge graphics and even the odd animated GIF. What this site lacks in straightforward explanation it makes up for in sheer style.

The best bit about it being a Tumblr is the option to view the archive. One click and you can see a seemingly endless wall of beautiful things that this site has found.

We like this one a lot.