Are you a foodie? If so, how old were you when that happened? At what age did you actually say “Ooh, that looks nice” or “I think I’ll try something different for dinner…”?

We’re guessing it probably wasn’t when you were a child, because, for the most part, children simply don’t do that. There are rare exceptions, but getting a healthy meal into a young child can be one of the most challenging parts of any parent’s day. It’s understandable when they end up just shoving any old thing in front of their offspring simply to fill them up.

If that sounds in any way familiar, then help is at hand. The help comes in the shape of Jamie Oliver, and whether you love or hate his programmes or his cooking, you can’t argue that he has managed to change the way people think about food.

And that’s precisely what is about too. It’s a global event, taking place today, that aims to get people to gather together and celebrate, share and enjoy good food and the basic cooking skills that go into making it.

It’s got loads of celebrity backing and is getting bigger each year, so why not get involved too?