We touched on this topic last week, but the clothing industry - and, specifically, where our clothes actually come from - is still in the news. For decades, we’ve all enjoyed affordable fashions, and very few of us have given a second thought to the source of the cheap clothes we buy, or the conditions under which they are produced.

But that has been changing over the past few years. The idea of fair trade, ethically sourced goods is really taking hold with many consumers, and supermarkets in particular are starting to add more and more fair trade lines to their shelves.

What about clothes? One of the few places we’ve found whicsells only ethically sourced clothes is peopletree.co.uk.

But you can forget the crude, chunky knits and hessian weave shirts that you might be imagining – this is top-quality fashion that anybody would want to wear, and it’s all come from places where the workers get a fair deal and don’t have to work in sweatshop conditions.