Nokia's DC-18 universal portable USB charger could be the best-looking way ever to bring power to your smartphone. Combining a bit of Lego styling with colourful Lumia design, the 1720 mAh charger should keep your phone ticking over that little bit longer.

On the front of the DC-18 is a small battery icon with three lights indicating how much charge is left in the device. Actually charging a piece of electronics is done by hooking up the micro USB connector to it, and the charger will start sending out electricity the moment you pull the lead out from the device and stop when you put it back in. All you need to do is plug the thing in via microUSB to get it to hold charge. 

It sizes up at 57 x 57 x 14.9 mm, making it a pocket-sized and portable charger. The whole thing weighs 65grams, so you shouldn't notice it in your pocket. 

Pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed. The 2200 mAh DC-16 can be bought for around £20, so expect the DC-18 not to cost much more. It will be available in blue, yellow, white and red. 

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Hunter Skipworth

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