So you're looking for a new tablet or 2-in-1? If you're looking for the best tablet or 2-in-1 to buy in 2017, then you've come to the right place. We will guide you through the hottest tablets and 2-in-1 available today, in order to help you reach a decision on which tablet is the right device for you.

The tablets market is vast from the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Huawei MediaPad M3 and the Amazon Fire, to the Apple iPad Air 2, Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and newer models like the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, but newest doesn't always mean best. Refreshes are always on the horizon and this best tablets and 2-in-1 feature is continually updated to reflect recent launches, price changes, and ensure 2017's latest devices appear alongside the best of previous years, and before, if applicable.

Only devices we have reviewed in full will appear on this list, but it covers all operating systems and all sizes, so you'll be armed with everything you need to consider when choosing to buy your next device.

Of course, the most important factor in buying a new tablet or 2-in-1 is making sure you have the best unit for you, including the best for your budget, the features you need, the size that feels right, the build quality you want and platform that suits you best.

Pocket-lintApple iPad Air 2

The Apple iPad Air 2 might be a couple of years old, but it is a fantastic tablet, ideal for those at the top-end of the market. It's faster, lighter, thinner and simply put, all-round better than its predecessor and not quite as expensive as the newer iPad Pro 9.7 alternative. 

Apple consistently shows that what it has works and works well, and the iPad Air 2 is a premium device that delivers that in abundance. If you're already part of the Apple ecosystem, features such as Continuity help your devices work together seamlessly, while its design is a delight to look at and use.

The iPad Air 2 is an amazing tablet that won't disappoint whether you're upgrading or buying a tablet for your first time. Irrelevant of the market slowing, the products continue to get better, and the iPad Air 2 is currently still the best out there.

PRICE: From £379 Apple,

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Pocket-lintHuawei MediaPad M3

There's a lot to like about the Huawei MediaPad M3. It is as much as you might want from a tablet designed to entertain you, a great portal for your browsing, your movies and your gaming.

It offers the performance that will satisfy many and avoids the temptation to encourage you to use it for work. It's well built and a pleasure to use.

Then we come to the price. Drift too high and you get too close to iPad territory – and the iPad mini 4 is £379, Samsung's Tab S 2.0 is around £300 and those are tablets that perform well. The Huawei MediaPad M3 comes in a number of different versions, but starts at £290 with 32GB storage and Wi-Fi, which means it's biggest challenge is the competition.

PRICE: From £289.99,

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Pocket-lintApple iPad mini 4

The iPad mini 4 is faster, slimmer and more accomplished than its iPad mini 3 predecessor. This time around the mini succeeds in finding is place, despite not being as altogether powerful as the iPad Air 2.

For most that doesn't mean the mini is a compromise; this is as much iPad as many will need. It's a lovely, compact tablet with anti-reflective screen coating that makes it good for watching movies, playing games, and reading or writing on the go.

If you want to get the most out of Split View multi-tasking or need some extra performance then the larger-screen iPad Air 2 is the one to go for. Otherwise, especially if you are looking for compact, you needn't make tricky compromises - the iPad mini 4 will serve you well as an on-the-go tablet. For those on a slightly tighter budget, you could look at the iPad mini 2, which is a little less at £239.

PRICE: From £379, Apple,

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Pocket-lintP1250068 copy

The Galaxy TabPro S is a slender 2-in-1 with a keyboard in the box that, given the device's 12.2-inch screen and Windows 10 operating system, feels like a new-generation laptop in many respects.

And it gets plenty of things right. It runs full Windows 10, lasts for a full working day, has a bright and colourful screen and a solid design compared to Samsung tablets of old.

PRICE: £578,

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Pocket-lintP1250799 copy

With the Acer Switch Alpha 12, the Taiwanese company's bet is on liquid cooling, affordability, and a full laptop-like experience straight out of the box.

And as a full laptop-replacement it ticks many of the right boxes. The stand is solid, the silent operation from the LiquidLoop cooling system is an obvious benefit and there's as much power on hand as a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

PRICE: £549.99,

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Pocket-lintSamsung Galaxy Tab S2

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2's strongest aspect is its size and the weight, giving you plenty of display, while remaining light and slimline. There's lot to like about this tablet.

There's a great deal of vibrancy to the display and we like the 4:3 aspect as it's convenient when reading and browsing. There's enough power in the Tab S2 for most tasks, but it's a device that neither excels at more complex graphics, nor gives you outstanding battery life as a reward for taking lower-power hardware. 

At £399, it's pretty expensive too, considering that you can get a 16GB iPad Air 2 for the same price. We'd be tempted towards the 8-inch model for the £319 price point, and the sharper display, with many of the advantages of the larger model.

PRICE: £186.99,

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Pocket-lintNvidia Shield Tablet K1-12

We loved the original Shield Tablet but were somewhat surprised that Nvidia decided to tweak this year's Tablet K1 model rather than load it with more recent technologies. However, as we realised during use, the older tech still stands up to scrutiny very well.

Indeed, when compared directly to the abilities of peers around the same price point, such as Amazon's Fire HD devices, the Shield Tablet K1 remains a powerhouse of a slate. By focusing on price rather than increased performance, Nvidia has provided outstanding value.

It is still a device most suited to the gaming community, and still the best on the market for that purpose we'd argue, but its capabilities and usability with everyday functionality too might attract others to the party, who find the £170 tag alluring.

PRICE: £170, Nividia,

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Pocket-lintAmazon Fire Tablet-1

For its price, the Amazon Fire is an amazing tablet. Yes, there are plenty of tablets out there that are much better in almost every way, but the Fire is great to watch streaming video on. It's capable of playing casual games well and it doubles effectively as an eBook reader, all for £50 (or £60 for the advert-free version).

If you don't already have a tablet and have invested a lot in Amazon digital content or are a Prime subscriber, it's a no-brainer. It's also an ideal solution for a pre-teen in that they can browse the internet and such like while you can keep a close eye on what content they can access through the extensive parental controls.

Even if you have a tablet already, you might even consider the Fire as a living room device to leave lying around for anyone to use.

PRICE: From £50,

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Pocket-lintMicrosoft Surface 3

The Microsoft Surface 3 is the smaller, slimmer and older brother of the Surface Pro 4, reducing the price by around 50 per cent and the display size to 10.8-inches instead of the mighty 12-inches of its more powerful predecessor.

It's another on-the-fence device, tip toeing between tablet and laptop, but the Surface 3 is the most sensible of the Surface devices, even if it isn't the biggest or the fastest. The Surface 3 is a great laptop replacement that won't cost the earth, although you have to buy the keyboard at greater expense; while as a standalone tablet it's powerful, but far chunkier than its competitors.

This device offers a solid construction, full Windows 10, along with a decent display, ample processing abilities and a good battery life. There's little amiss and although it won't suit everyone, for those it matches, it is a great product.

PRICE: From £419, Microsoft,

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Pocket-lintP1210043 copy

The Surface Pro 4 is the most refined and comprehensive model in the Surface series yet - if you're in the market for a laptop-scale tablet, anyway.

The 12.3-inch screen is beautifully resolute and, while certainly large, fitting for this product. The slender design looks great and that full-size USB port sets it apart from being just another tablet.

PRICE: £849,

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Pocket-lintApple iPad Pro 9.7

In the iPad Pro 9.7, Apple has created a tablet powerful enough to act as a laptop replacement but it's done so in a way that still feels very "iPad". 

For users keen to have a tablet for watching TV shows on the train, or surfing the web at home then the Air 2 is still a very good option and cheaper, which is why it sits above the Pro. For those seeking extra power and controls, the 9.7-inch version is the answer.

The iPad Pro 9.7 has a good screen, brilliant connectivity options, powerful performance, storage options to rival Apple's Mac range, and solid accessories that enhance the offering to make it a viable laptop replacement. As tablets go the iPad Pro 9.7 is an ultimate solution.

PRICE: From £549, Apple,

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Pocket-lintGoogle Pixel C

We love the Pixel C's simple design and think the optional keyboard (£119 extra) has been considerately designed too. For those looking for a lightweight solution to working on the move, this is another contender that's great for productivity, whether crunching through emails or word processing.

That great design is paired with a wonderful display and great Android user experience, also making it ideal for browsing, shopping and gaming. It's got work and play down to a tee.

Overall the Google Pixel C is a wonderful tablet. There's quality and power in abundance, setting it above the experience of Google's previous Android tablet, the Nexus 9. Some software tweaks and it would be just about as pixel perfect as a performance tablet could be.

PRICE: £480, Google,

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Pocket-lintSony Xperia Z4 Tablet

The Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet is the most recent slab in the Japanese company's line up and although it is now over a year old, it offers a super-sharp 2K display, along with a number of small tweaks that made a world of difference.

Waterproofing has improved over its predecessors as the Micro-USB port is proofed, making the Z4 Tablet a lot more practical to live with than earlier flap-protected port designs. It's also altogether slimmer and more compact than earlier models, adding to the overall appeal.

The Xperia Z4 Tablet is a great tablet to use, offering solid performance and battery life, and a bundled keyboard which is a big nod to the productivity ambitions that this tablet harbours. The unavoidable bundled keyboard means it isn't cheap but the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet was one of the slickest Android tablets out there when it arrived. It has power that will leave many standing, but it comes at a price.

PRICE: From £264,

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Pocket-lintAsus ZenPad S

The Asus ZenPad S 8.0 is special because it crams a good, super-sharp screen into a very slim and handy body for a great price.

The £219 iPad Mini 2 is the most alluring alternative to this device, but how much does the extra £50 mean to you? The Asus ZenPad S 8.0 piddles all over the hardware some rivals are bringing out at the same price, but you'll need to spend 10 minutes fiddling with the software to get the most out of it, and the speakers are naff.

That said, if £170 is as high as the budget will stretch and you have the patience for some little software tweaks, the ZenPad S 8.0 is a tablet that is very easy to recommend.

PRICE: £170, Currys,

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Pocket-lintP1250641 copy

This slim-build Windows 10 tablet is really well made, not a cheap knock-off competitor to the likes of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The MateBook gets lots right as 2-in-1s go: it's slim, well made, has a decent size keyboard and trackpad (if you buy it anyway), plus a built-in fingerprint scanner that helps stand it out from the crowd.

PRICE: £1250,

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