We shouldn’t complain, but four-day weeks always unsettle us a little bit. Tuesday feels like Monday, all of a sudden it’s Wednesday, which feels a bit like Thursday for some reason, and wait – isn’t it Friday yet? Hang on, yes it is. No, wait, where was I…?

Like I said: unsettling. What’s got us through this week is a mixture of some good weather here in the UK, some good coffee courtesy of yesterday’s website of the day, and some good tunes. Daft Punk’s Get Lucky is definitely the soundtrack of the summer so far and when ever we’re starting to feel the mood drop, or the pressure build as deadlines loom ever closer, we reach for this - partridgegetslucky.com.

Daft Punk meets Alan Partridge. It’s like instant equilibrium in an animated GIF. Trust us on this one – a few seconds of this and you’ll feel set for the weekend.

You’re welcome.