Regular readers will know that this journalistic army marches on caffeine. We love a good brew, but we’re all very different people and the way we all take our coffee is as varied and eclectic as we are.

For some it’s straight up, black, unadulterated. Others want it short, strong and pungent. Some people add lots of milk, others just a touch of foam. All different, all particular, and all generally disappointed by the coffee that gets made in the office.

If you go to a supermarket, you’re not necessarily going to find coffee that will suit everybody’s tastes or the way they like it made. For that, you need a specialist. Like

This is one of the better sites we’ve found for sourcing not only the right coffees, but also the right grinds. You choose your bean, then the coarseness of the grind depending on how you make your brew. And then choose your weight. It’s quick, easy and - compared to many others we’ve seen - very affordable.

Same-day dispatch helps too – we’re gagging over here…