Google is planning a rethink for its Maps user interface. The new look will put the map itself at the centre of the web page, with all other information displayed in floating windows on top.

It will mean full-screen maps, no sidebar and a much cleaner and simple to use Google Maps. You can apparently also restrict Google Local Search results, so that places recommended in your Google+ circles appear.

Map colours and icons as well as text styles have all been updated. While this seems relatively unimportant, we have become so used to the way Google Maps looks that the icon and text change stands out much more than you would think.

Google I/O starts on 15 May and the developer conference is usually used as a platform for Google to roll out new software as well as product updates. Expect Google Maps' new look to be one of them.

Hunter Skipworth

The baby of the Lint team, Hunter has been a tech fan since he bought his first MiniDisc..and what a waste of money that was. He began writing about electronics at the age of 16 and hasn't stopped since. Nowadays he fulfils his mobile phone and gaming obsession whilst attempting to distract people from his bizarre name. Regular meetings with the Gladiators crew see Hunter often returning to work battered and bruised. Considers himself a music obsessive, was once the most highly decorated scout in the country. Fan of trousers.