We have been basking, yes basking, in temperatures above 20C here the UK, and, naturally, the media have gone mad.

Pictures of packed beaches, video footage of families eating ice creams and stories of people wantonly enjoying a rare spell of fine weather.

And all thoughts start to turn to the holidays. Will we jet off on a package holiday for some guaranteed sunshine and cheap cocktails? Or shall we indulge our patriotism and do what many do and stay in the UK? A "staycation". We could even go camping.

And this is where you will split the room. You've got the people who love nothing more than spending a few nights under canvas, with just the bare essentials to keep you going. The great outdoors, the sounds of nature, the midnight trek across cowpat-strewn fields to find somewhere to pee.

And then there's those who prefer a few creature comforts. Like lights. Or running water. And glamping.com is aimed squarely at this second, reluctant adventurer.

Luxury camping is all the rage. Spacious tents with wood burners, hot showers, pedestal baths and even flat-screen tellies. It's not camping as many of us would recognise it, but it's bloody marvellous when you zip open that door and see the oasis of comfort that awaits within.

With this site you can find your inner camper in some of the finest destinations on the planet.

Happy camping people.