Apple is set to start production of a Retina display-toting iPad mini this June or July, according to analysts. The iPad mini is probably Apple's biggest selling tablet and will have played a big part in Apple's whopping 19.5 million tablet sales last quarter.

The Retina display version of the tablet, which is yet to be confirmed, is becoming increasingly likely. Most reviews found the screen quality to be one of the few letdowns the value-for-money tablet had against its competitors. 

NPD DisplaySearch believes screen production should begin around June or July with the product shipping toward the end of that quarter. 

"LG Display will be one of the major manufacturers of the display," said Richard Shim, an analyst at NPD DisplaySearch. "Samsung is currently not in the iPad mini and they won't be in the next generation. LGD is becoming a much bigger supplier than before."

Shim also says the new tablet is likely adopt the same screen resolution as the current full-size iPad, making for a seriously impressive pixel density on the Retina iPad mini.

Tim Cook had previously mentioned Apple would have a line of new products in the autumn and during 2014, as part of the company's earnings call. Expect the Retina iPad mini to be one of them.

Hunter Skipworth

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