We’ve talked about buying clothes online plenty of times. And very often one of the most persuasive factors for doing so is price. High street fashions at bargain prices are something that many people go looking for.

But, in light of what happened in Bangladesh recently, some people might be starting to think that those bargains might not be worth the cost.

So where can you go for great looks and decent prices, but with the confidence that what you’re buying hasn’t been sourced from somewhere where health and safety don’t mean a thing?

At inlovewithfashion.com most of the clothes are made in the UK, so you know they’re not being made in sweatshops. It's also the biggest-selling concession in Top Shop, so you know it's got its fingers on the fashion pulse.

It’s a family-run firm that’s really on the up, and its really starting to make a name for itself, with celebrities and the fashion press.

For women with an eye for fashion, and an even keener one for the latest trends, you could do much worse.