They’re starting to hand out the silverware, the wooden spoons and the usual clichéd platitudes as the football season heads towards its final days. How will footy fans survive without their fix? There’s Fifa 13 of course, and YouTube. That might do. But if you want something a little more in your face, literally, why not try

Using the latest face recognition technology, they’ll scan a picture of you to find which Premiership player you most look like. Now if that’s not a recipe for some fun this summer, I don’t know what is.

Get your doppelganger sorted and see how long and in how many places you can pass yourself off as a top-flight player. Think about it: free drinks, VIP treatment at the dry cleaners and, if you can hold your nerve, discounted access to the all you can eat specials menu at your local Nando’s.

All good fun. Unless it tells you your twin is Wayne Rooney, obviously…