IBM has created the world's smallest stop motion movie by animating a set of single atoms. The video showcases IBM's research lab's ability to manipulate single atoms.

Put together like a stop motion animation - albeit one made entirely from individual atoms - the video is quite unbelievable. IBM's need to control things at an atomic level relates to how the manufacturer creates and produces memory for a computer.

IBM announced in 2012 that it had produced a magnetic memory bit made from just 12 single atoms. This could in turn mean huge amounts of local storage, in very small portable devices.

The Boy and His Atom video has been verified as a Guinness World Record for the world's smallest stop-motion movie. It might not be quite as complex as what you normally see at the cinema, but just the thought alone and the concept that every element in the film is just a single atom, is quite astonishing.

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Hunter Skipworth

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