So, we sort of mentioned a certain North Korean leader yesterday and it prompted a discussion (initially quite constructive) about what he actually does and whether he’s really in control over there.

The second part of that is quite hard to answer. The first part is much, much easier thanks to

Turns out, the grandson of the ”The Eternal President of the Republic” and “Supreme Leader” of North Korea doesn’t spend all his time repainting his borders on an enormous map, or practising his “pushing the button” action, or even screaming at his generals to “do something” about the situation. He doesn’t spend hours spouting propaganda about anybody he doesn’t like (he gets other people to do that, admittedly), and he certainly doesn’t visit a decent hairdresser.

No, what Kim Jong-Un, one of the most powerful men in the world actually does, is look at things.

He looks at walls (there are quite a few big ones in the region, apparently). He looks at tanks and massed ranks of troops doing a sort of sinister hokey-cokey. He also looks at things through binoculars. A lot.

So there. Now we know.

As you were.