Prepare to witness the most cringeworthy piece of smartphone advertising ever conceived. Samsung has reworked the iconic YouTube Psy Gangnam Style track with Galaxy S4 lyrics for the Indian SGS4 launch.

It doesn't surprise us, Samsung's New York Galaxy S4 unveiling was equally as strange. The company put together a Broadway style play for the handset's Radio City launch. It made fathoming out actually what was new about the phone fairly tough.

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This India performance is even more difficult to work out. So much is going on, we're not exactly sure what the Galaxy S4 is by the time they are done dancing.

On the flipside however, Samsung has put together some incredible adverts in the past. The recent Romain Gavras advert entitled "charge" for example, was one of the best tech adverts we have seen in a long time.

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Hunter Skipworth

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