It’s almost laughable when you think about it. But the thing that might actually be the end of our extraordinary little species isn’t a mentalist in North Korea with his fat finger on the button, or a hunk of space rock the size of Birmingham smashing into us at high speed.

No, the thing that could spell extinction for us humans, is the humble bumble bee.

Their populations are being decimated across the globe, and the reasons are only partly understood.

The victory for campaigners like yesterday in Brussels means that pesticides that are known to harm the bee population can no longer be used.

But that’s only part of it. If bees don’t recover, their essential pollenation won’t happen and the knock-on effect of that isn’t just a lack of flowers, but a very real and potentially catastrophic impact on agriculture.

Friends of the Earth is doing everything it can to raise awareness of this and many other causes affecting our little green planet.

So take a look to see what small changes you can make that could help to save our planet. Literally.