Sony has unveiled a host of accessories for its HDR-AS15 action camera, including a dog mount and surfboard attachment.

Designed to rival the likes of the GoPro HD Hero 3, Sony's action camera features 1080p video recording at 60fps. It also includes a super-wide Carl Zeiss lens for getting those adrenalin-filled shots and is waterproof down to 60 metres.

The new accessories are so that HDR-AS15 owners can mount their cameras on different objects without having to worry about it getting broken. One of these, the dog harness, is like nothing we have seen before.

Having tried and failed multiple times to properly secure a GoPro to the back of the Pocket-lint pooch, the new Sony mount should work wonders. It is designed to deliver shots like many of the day-in-the-life dog videos you currently see on YouTube. Called the AKA-DM1, it will be going on sale from June this year. Pricing is to be confirmed.

Sony also launched the AKA-FL1, which will keep the camera afloat should you accidentally drop it into the water. The brightly coloured accessory should also make the HDR-AS15 easier to spot.

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