Oh, the fun you can have with an iMessage emulator. It’s become a staple of the social networks and can work very well indeed – remember Text from Dog? That’s now a book. An actual, printed, published book.

We’re not sure Textsfromsuperheroes.com is headed for the same exposure, or a publishing deal, but it’s still very, very good.

These candid exchanges between some of our favourite Lycra-clad crime fighters show that, although they’re blessed with superhuman abilities and funky outfits, they’re all just as fallible and insecure as the rest of us.

From the difficulties Bane’s henchmen have in understanding anything he says, to Iron Man trying to help Captain America catch up on over 60 years of modern culture. Oh, and the usual variety of practical jokes that any group of people that work together pull on each other. It’s well observed, often topical and comic book fans and anybody who enjoys a bit of banter will appreciate it.