With digital photography there used to be a natural order to things. You'd progress through certain stages as you explored the capabilities.

You'd start with a cameraphone, snapping away at your mates and your pets and whatever else you thought worthy of adding to your memory card. Then most people would move up to a digital compact. This would give you more control, more flexibility, and better pictures as a result. And then it was time for the big boys. The digital SLRs; the stuff the pros use.

But these days, with cameraphones producing images good enough to fill your average double-page spread, the compact camera is no longer the automatic stepping stone. And DSLRs are more affordable than ever.

The only compromise you'll need to make is on size, weight, and perhaps cost. So it would be good to try before you buy, wouldn't it?

With canonaoutsideofauto.ca you can. This is an online simulator that shows you what all the features and functions of the Canon EOS Creative Zone can do. This is the best way we’ve seen to get a grip on the basics of exposure and depth of field.

Nice work, Canon. Very nice work