Nike has updated its iOS FuelBand app to bring increased social network connectivity. You can now share NikeFuel achievements straight to your Facebook account. On top of this, the app now allows you to photograph your workout activity and upload pictures to Facebook, complete with location tags.

It is also possible to comment on recent activity pictured from the app on Facebook. The special fitness-centric photos are customisable with your own NikeFuel data, with the app being able to overlay your NikeFuel score and the Nike+ logo.

For those not familiar with NikeFuel, it is a system Nike developed for its FuelBand, which is essentially a wearable fitness tracker. The FuelBand tracks any movement you make and gives you a NikeFuel score based on it. The higher the score, the more exercise you have done. This update should help you share your score between friends. 

Interacting and managing Nike+ friends has also been improved, with it now being possible to invite friends from Facebook, Nike+ or your contacts app. The idea is that Nike+'s NikeFuel leaderboards become more customisable, so you can directly compare your activity with friends. This way you get a clearer idea of competition between friends, hopefully spurring you on to work harder.

Hunter Skipworth

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