KEF has announced its first foray into the world of headphones. The high-end audio manufacturer has launched the M500, a set of over-ear headphones, and the M200, which are in-ear. Both use plenty of aluminium and high-quality materials to bring you the sort of audio quality you would associate with a brand like KEF.

The M500 is sweat-resistant and extremely durable. The headphones use a hinge which can be titled in multiple angles to keep them as comfortable as possible, and they also fold away for travelling. Audio comes from a full-range 40mm neodymium driver with a high-quality voice coil. While we are yet to test them, KEF has a reputation for producing top-quality kit, so expect these headphones to sound very good indeed. Apple remote functionality also means these are a great bet for those looking for a nice set of travel headphones. Pricing for the KEF M500s is £250.

The M200s are in-ear and geared heavily towards use with smartphones or iPods. They have a secure arm that flexes to keep them attached to your ears and are ruggedly designed, so should last if you keep them in your pocket. Dual Dynamic Drivers provide high quality audio, while the whole earbud uses a clever ergonomic shell to minimise sound loss.

Things are again Apple compatible and both headphones ship with a protective case to keep them safe in your luggage. Pricing for the M200s should be around £150.

Hunter Skipworth

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