Nokia has unveiled the Asha 210 Qwerty keyboard handset running on Symbian OS and packing colourful Lumia style looks. The phone, which has a full keyboard, benefits from built-in What's App integration that requires no annual fee to keep it running.

Symbian S40 keeps the handset ticking over, as opposed to Windows Phone 8. Social networking takes centre stage on the Asha as the phone has a dedicated What's App key - or in some markets, a blue Facebook button. We can't be sure whether the US or EU market will be getting the Facebook key, but have asked Nokia for clarification.

Those who purchase the Asha 210 will be offered a post-purchase paid-for download of premium apps, though we don't have details yet of what those apps will be yet.

As for hardware, the phone runs on 2G but does have Wi-Fi capability. The camera on the rear is 2-megapixel, while the processor inside is below 1GHz in speed, although Nokia isn't giving details as to exactly how powerful.

What really matters about the Asha 210 is its price. The phone is going to go on sale in the US at just $72 (£47)  for both the single and dual-SIM variants.

It certainly looks a lot better than Nokia's previous Asha efforts and gets one up on most other affordable Android phones in terms of design. It remains to be seen just how sluggish that Symbian OS feels, or what sort of an irritation the absence of 3G is, but we will be posting our thoughts the moment Nokia puts an Asha 210 in our hands.

Hunter Skipworth

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