Acer has teased a new convertible laptop for a 3 May reveal, which looks to be based around the yet to be released Star Trek Into Darkness movie. The teaser trailer, which sees Kirk and chums falling off of things alongside an Acer laptop, gives a few hints as to what the new device should be.

From the look of it, the laptop has a fold-out display that can tilt like a desktop monitor. It doesn't appear to be a fully convertible laptop, but more a halfway house for those who want a laptop and desktop combo. The design and build of the Acer also appear fairly premium, so expect it to be some sort of Windows 8 Ultrabook.

You also get a peek at a few of the explosions and action sequences planned for the new Star Trek movie, which will no doubt have fans of the series fairly excited. Little else is known about the new piece of kit from Acer, so your best bet is to hang on until 3 May when it is unveiled.

Hunter Skipworth

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