Volkswagen has unveiled the iBeetle at the Shanghai motor show. The car, which features a built-in dock for the iPhone 5, will go on sale in 2014. It marks the first true collaboration between Apple and an automotive manufacturer, with the entirety of the car's tech geared towards Apple's gadgetry.

On the front of the iBeetle, which comes in both Coupe and Convertible form, there is a slot for the iPhone 5. Stick your handset in and the car will start using your iPhone's data connection. Apps such as Spotify allow you to play music, while VW has its own suite of apps whicwork with both iPhone and car. Trainer for example lets you compare driving times and fuel economy. iTunes is also accessible, as is navigation and hands-free phone calls.

As well as the technology, the car also gets some unique design features which give an indicator as to its Apple-savvy approach. The wheels for example are 18-inch alloys painted in an Apple style Galvano Grey colour. Inside you have silver trim, which matches closely to that of the brushed aluminium found on Apple's laptops. Finally there is a chrome iBeetle badge on either side of the car.

The iBeetle will be going on sale in 2014, pricing is yet to be announced. Prices for a standard VW Beetle start at £15,300. 

Hunter Skipworth

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