Good and bad – a couple of abstract concepts that follow us through life like the proverbial angel and devil on our shoulders. Most of us instinctively know what bad is. Take Justin Bieber, for instance.

But good? That’s often a bit trickier to put your finger on, and unfortunately these days we’re often at the mercy of the marketers and advertisers. They spend countless millions and all their energy telling us what’s good for us, on almost every level. Cars, food, clothes, bubble bath, software, milk – you name it, somebody somewhere has run a campaign about its goodness.

But how good is good? It’s subjective surely? Not always. At they look at all these products and apply a simple set of rules and filters to each, so they you can then make a more educated decision about whether to believe the claims on the posters.

We love this site. It’s confirmed a few suspicions for the more cynical among us, and has also shown us a few things that will now be regularly added to the shopping basket.