We’re the first to admit that we occasionally include something in this slot that’s a little, well, pointless. But that’s the point in itself – the internet is the playground of the pointless. How much of it, as a percentage, actually makes sense? Fifty? Sixty? Who knows?

All we know is that we sometimes love the pointless things that pop up every now and again, and pointerpointer.com is completely pointless, even though it does actually revolve around a point. Your point in fact. The one you choose with your, er, pointer.

This is timewasting at it’s finest – there is absolutely no reason to spend more than a few seconds here, but we reckon a lot of people will try to fool it, or move their cursor so slightly that they repeat the trick exactly. And how many other people are out there now, taking shots they hope might appear here one day?

Pointless, but fun.