It’s not surprising that sites like are booming. Everybody is trying to make their money go a bit further, so this outlet for women’s and kids’ fashions is proving popular.

As the name might suggest, everything here is a fiver. Shoes, bags, coats, jeans, accessories - the lot. Some are end of season lines, others are just bought in bulk from the suppliers. Either way, you’re getting high street fashions at a fraction of the cost.

To really make the savings you need to buy more than just one or two items – postage is a fixed cost, so it doesn’t matter how much you buy. And this is something that everyone can use as it ships worldwide.

Just like the £1 shops that are slowly taking over the UK’s high streets, you’re likely to see more of this kind of thing popping up. As the stigma attached to shopping in bargain outlets disappears, we can all start to make the savings.

We’d like to see a menswear section here soon too, please.