We’re known to feature blogs in this little corner of Pocket-lint from time to time. Why wouldn’t we? There are some absolute gems out there. Insightful, incisive, informative and for the vast majority, largely unread.

This is a crying shame, but the reality is that there are so many people pouring forth their opinions and innermost feelings that it’s very hard to focus on the ones that are worth reading and furthermore, worth sticking with.

With glipho.com that focus does become a little sharper though. This is social blogging. You sign up and within minutes you can start writing. Notes become drafts, drafts become “gliphs”, then you publish and your piece is dropped into the mix. The site pushes it out to your social networks too, so you’re already hitting a friendly audience.

As a reader you can also personalise the way you consume others’ stuff. You can follow the people you like, the subjects you’re into, the themes and trends that are developing online.

This is a beta version, but we reckon it’s a nice new addition to the online publishing landscape.