We're in the mood for celebrating over here at Pocket Lint. Our shiny new site went live this week and all the hard work, and even harder coding, has paid off. Cue champagne, high fives and that other staple of the traditional office celebration - cake.

We chose mrcake.co.uk because he's having quite a good week too.

You might have heard about him.

Until yesterday, the man behind this little online venture had a day job, and then he handed in his notice. And he did it in style.

He wrote his resignation in icing, on a cake, and presented it to his bosses. It soon got picked up by Twitter and minutes later was all over Facebook too.

Countless retweets, blogs and online appearances followed (including this one, obvs), then TV, radio and the national press too.

And we're happy to report that the hype is well justified.

Not only does this baker have a creative way with correspondence, his cakes look quite delicious too.