We love this. It’s so many things in one.

Firstly, it’s a pretty innovative way to make a music video.

Subsequently, it’s a great way to get an otherwise obscure track some serious airplay.

But it’s also an interesting piece of social commentary. If you’ve hit this link on a smartphone you’ll have got what the name is about – they don’t want you to touch your screen. They want your cursor.

They want it because it’s the building block for what they do. But they also want it because it probably won’t be around for much longer.

It’s probably not scaremongering to suggest that the humble cursor is likely to all but disappear, as the touchscreen takes over more and more of our lives.

So, follow the on-screen prompts at donottouch.org and your cursor will became part of the latest iteration of this crowd-sourced music video.

What we love more than just about anything else though, is all those cursors that don’t follow the instructions. Either people don’t get it, or – and this is what we prefer to think – some people just want to go their own way.

We like that.

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