We all have our pet hates. One of mine is the overuse of special words when it’s really not appropriate.

Take the word “awesome”. It’s bandied around, willy-nilly and almost squandered on things that are just quite good.

Awesome is something different.

Awesome is something that stops you in your tracks

It’s slack-jawed, dumbfounded amazement at what is happening before you.

In my opinion, awesome is hyperlapse.tllabs.io.

Hyperlapse is a zeitgeist video style that takes large numbers of still images and stiches them together to create sweeping time-lapse films that give a whole new perspective on their subjects.

The issue is generating all those images.

So something that takes an existing source, in this instance Google Street View, and creates the same effect is really quite something.

And the really good bit? It’s all here for you to create your own, although you will need to use Chrome to get the best out of it.

Take a journey you do every day and turn it into something really quite, oh, I don’t know, what’s the word?

Oh, yes. Awesome.

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