Google has launched a Book Cover for the Nexus 10, marking the first official accessory for the tablet, now available on Google Play. 

It will ship both in scarlet and dark grey for  $29.99 (£24.99). The Book Cover attaches to the back of the Nexus 10, offering a bit of protection to the 10-inch body. Additionally, the cover on the front can be flipped up or down to wake up the tablet or put it asleep - similar to Apple's iPad cover and Samsung's Flip cover. 

"Designed specifically for the Nexus 10, the Book Cover attaches directly to your device for an ultra-slim fit. With rounded corners and a matte finish, this thin, durable cover protects the screen without adding bulk," says Google. "Open the stylish Book Cover to automatically wake your Nexus 10; close it to put your device to sleep."

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The folks in Mountain View say the accessory ships in three to five business days. For the 7-inch Nexus tablet, Google offers a similar matte-finish case. 

In March, Google aired its first advertisement for the Nexus 10, showing off the ability to download books and watch movies from Google Play, sign-in to specific user accounts, keep focused with Google Calendar, lead video chat with Google Hangouts, access info from Google Now, and more. 

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