Apple has been keeping quiet for the past few months, no doubt cooking up some sort of super gadget in order to firmly switch the limelight back on to Cupertino and away from Samsung. 

According to blog Nowhereelse, it looks like this might be it. The front fascia to the iPad 5, or new iPad, or whatever Apple decides to call it, has been leaked. It looks to be carrying all the same design touches as the iPad mini and iPhone 5, which we had expected. This means more chamfering than you could ever possibly desire and a narrower bezel, which might mean a screen change.

Nowhereelese has previously made good on rumours, with a leak of the iPhone 5 and iPad mini dock Lightning dock connector before launch, so this could be the real thing.

The previous iPad from Apple was simply a processor hike and the inclusion of a Lightning dock connector. Expect whatever it does next to the tablet to be much more drastic. Apple enjoys a unified design language, which could mean the new iPad ends up looking very much the same as the iPad mini. This is no bad thing, however, as the black iPad mini looks absolutely fantastic.

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Hunter Skipworth

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