Not much is known about exactly what Apple's inbound iOS 7 will do to smartphones and tablets, but one Apple fan has created a concept video showing a dream list of changes which, though subtle, could turn iOS into a near-perfect user experience.

Clever tweaks like pop-out widgets for core apps are only the start of Federico Bianco's (who made the video) plans for iOS. The lock screen in the concept, for example, now has a set of toggles for things like aircraft mode and Wi-Fi, which right now require you to delve into the depths of iOS's settings.

The concept even picks up OS X's Mission Control, a sort of hub for controlling all the applications that are open at one time. Rather than cluttering up the iPhone screen, Bianco manages to balance out Mission Control near perfectly.

A quick-reply function has also been added. Now rather than swiping a message from the iOS lock screen and being sent to the messaging app, you can reply straight from the lock screen using the same graphic as iOS's current Tweet shortcut. 

All the changes appear simple to implement and don't drastically alter the way in which iOS works. Naturally they are all just from a concept video, so most likely won't happen, but we would love to see Mission Control appear in iOS 7. Apple, are you listening? 

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Hunter Skipworth

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