What questions keep you awake at night? A quick straw poll around the office yielded some surprising results (and a few predictable ones):

  • What was the last episode of The X Files all about anyway?
  • Which is better – Canon or Nikon?
  • Will anybody ever buy my Palm Pilot on eBay?
  • What chain of events would need to take place for me to end up in a hot tub with Megan Fox, Scarlett Johansson and Diane Kruger?
  • Exactly how far away is Mars?

The more cynical among us felt this last one might have been a bit of a plant because the same person then sent distancetomars.com over not long after. The power of good PR, eh?

This lovely little site illustrates the sheer massiveness of the distance between our little green rock and the Red Planet in a way that even a non-stargazer can get their head around.

So it does answer the question. The one about Mars, not the one about the hot tub.


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