It’s not easy to always do the right thing, especially when it comes to food.

You dash into your local supermarket, grab some fruit ‘n’ veg, a pint or two of milk, some fresh eggs and off you trot, often without a second thought for where any of this stuff came from or how it was sourced.

The supermarkets are notorious for the way they do business with their suppliers, hammering down prices to the point that many producers simply can’t afford to to stay in business.

Things are getting better in some quarters, but the food we eat is often still not produced in the most ethical or animal-friendly ways.

Super dairies, battery farming and greenhouses the size of small countries – all these practices didn’t exist a generation ago, but now they are commonplace.

But there are alternatives, and is one. This small operation delivers “by hand, straight from the land” so you know you’re getting it fresh.

But they also only deal with farmers who treat their animals properly and grow their produce using truly organic methods.

A weekly box from here will not only give you fantastic fresh produce that tastes better than anything you’re going to find in Tesco’s, but will also ensure that farmers in the UK get the support they need to keep doing things the right way.

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