Twitter has updated Vine to allow users to embed videos anywhere on the web. This has been a highly requested feature among users, making for several workarounds since its launch in late-January. 

In version 1.0.7 available now on the App Store, users can find the embed code for Vine videos through the "Share this post" button listed under the "..." in the right hand corner. For a video to be embedded, it must be shared by the original poster on Twitter or Facebook first. We assume this is some sort of privacy step.

Social sharing goes even further on Vine with the 1.0.7 update. Users can share six-second videos they find entertaining through Twitter and Facebook.

"When we launched Vine, we described posts as 'little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life'," said Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann. "With today's update, you can display them almost anywhere."

Vine videos can also be embedded from the web on a video page. Users can pick between a "Simple" or "Postcard" style and select their desired embed ratio.

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