For most people, this is a long weekend. You might be spending time with the family, or heading off to the pub. You might just be settling into your favourite armchair with the weekend papers and letting the extended break just drift by. Nice.

Unless you read the Daily Mail. You see, it's been on a bit of a mission the past few years, or at least so it seems. That mission has been to classify every single inanimate object that passes within earshot of its  newsroom into one of two categories: it either causes or prevents cancer.

No, really.

When you look at its coverage, it’s an astonishing campaign waged against some of the seemingly most innocent substances on the planet.

Like cheese.

No, really.

So, in an effort to make this categorisation a bit easier to follow, the helpful people at have done (in their own words) “a scrape” of the Mail Online website to kind all the articles in this murky area.

They then asked online readers to lend a hand in the classification. The results are quite staggering, and in many cases they’d be funny if it weren’t such a serious subject.

So, if you are brave enough to read the papers this weekend, try not to let all that doom and gloom get you down. Just take a large pinch of salt and maybe crack open another chocolate egg. Despite the apparent health risks of both…

Happy Easter.

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