SwiftKey never stops innovating with its super smart keyboard, and is pushing a new frontier with SwiftKey Tilt.

Expanding on the methods of text input for your favourite Android device, SwiftKey Tilt evolves the finger swiping introduced with SwiftKey 4’s Flow feature and takes it to the whole body level.

SwiftKey Tilt unleashes a ball on to the keyboard and using SwiftKey’s predictive engine and a combination of device movements, words will fall on to the screen like never before as the device moves. 

"We always felt that fundamentally typing is about how you express yourself," said Dr Ben Medlock, SwiftKey co-founder and CTO.

"We realised that we’ve never really focused on making that possible through physical movement, though. With SwiftKey Tilt we’ve changed all that. By moving your whole body to control the little pink ball, users can now be more expressive when they type." 

SwiftKey has confirmed that Tilt is compatible with the Harlem Shake, although it didn’t specify what the resultant text would be. We’re guessing it’s "Stick a fork in me, I’m done."

UPDATE: SwiftKey Tilt is actually real, not just an April Fools joke. Type tilt onto your keyboard and press and hold it, and you'll get the option to turn on the feature for real. It's a good as useless, we have to say, but it's there if you want to give it a try.

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