The Olympic legacy is starting to look a little fragile now that the post-Games glow has been dampened by a long, cold, wet winter. But there is one thing that seems to be bucking that trend and it involves lots and lots of Lycra.

Cycling is on the up, despite the horror stories of unsafe roads, ill-prepared riders and yes, of course, the hideous British weather. More people are taking to the saddle than ever before, no doubt spurred on by the rising costs of public transport and the obvious health benefits.

But where do you start if you’re a complete novice?

One place you could try is

This is a great source of no-nonsense tips and advice on where to buy your bike, where to take it to keep it in tip-top condition and, most importantly, where to ride it safely. The accompanying app also gives you a basic, free route-planning service.

If you’re new to life on two wheels, this is a great place to start your learning curve, but seasoned riders will also find much of use here.

Saddle up.

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