Finding pictures online isn't exactly hard. There are a few ways to do it. You can type what you want into any number of search engines and be bombarded by millions of options.

You can upload an image to see if something similar exists. You can even upload a picture to find out if and where a picture has been used before. But there aren’t too many places where you can do all of these.

At WeSee, they’ve created what they call the “true visual search engine” and we can’t really think of a better way to describe it. Type in your search, or upload your shot and soon you’ll have results from a range of visual and social media sites. This will give you a kind of mood board for each search.

Click on the screen again and a new search box opens, so you can soon start to cross-reference your searches visually, without closing any windows or navigating to different tabs. This is in beta testing right now and, to be honest, we found it a bit buggy. Lots of 404s in the results and some messages about browser compatibility.

But we reckon this is the start of something quite useful, so definitely one to watch.

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