The internet is a truly wonderful place, isn’t it? You can find anything, almost instantly and share it, almost instantly.


If only the addresses for all these billions of pages weren’t so bloody cumbersome.

Aitch tee tee pee colon slash slash double you double you double you dot etc etc and so on and so on.

URLs are rarely catchy, so devices to shorten them have sprung up over the past few years.

But this new one takes things to a new level, by always giving your link a simple word.

Paste your link into and you get given a noun. Then you can just tell your mates that they need stinkybad and that word, and they’ll get your link.

It makes sharing thinks in social spaces a lot more fun.

Okay, so you can’t choose the temporary word you’re given, but it’ll make those tweets and status updates all the more interesting won’t it?

We tried this with our homepage and the word we got was “monkey”.

Go figure…

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