In a YouTube first, Nissan is to launch its own dedicated racing channel, partnering with the video-streaming site and even bringing YouTube branding to its racing team. 

Called Nismo.TV, Nissan hopes it will changed the way that people engage with motorsport. The plan is to use Nismo.TV to create a one-stop shop for motorsport fans where they can engage with the Nismo team in multiple ways, all for free and around the world.

Nissan will capture 52 weeks' of motorsport throughout the year, giving behind-the-scenes footage to YouTube viewers.

Content will include things like Nissan's electric prototype Le Mans cars and, of course, the GT Academy, which puts Gran Turismo experts in real cars. Nissan even hopes to live stream behind the scenes of Le Mans. 

Nissan's GT-R GT3 racing car will be YouTube branded, along with the drivers, while they compete across Europe in events incuding the FIA GT Series. 

“We’re delighted to welcome Nismo.TV on to the YouTube platform; working in the content space with Nissan creates an exciting new dimension to our existing motorsport content offering which is fast becoming a valuable genre,” said Julie Kikla of YouTube.

Nissan's efforts should hopefully reinvigorate motorsport viewing figures which, aside from F1, are falling. The increased interaction the Nismo.TV channel will bring is intended to show motorsport in a modern light, bringing the sort of detail that established output like Sky's 24-hour F1 coverage can bring.

Nissan will start populating the Nismo.TV channel from April.

Hunter Skipworth

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