BenQ has launched a small portable projector which is able to hook up with your iPhone and iPad. Called the GP10, the 1.5kg 720p capable device uses an Ultra-Lite LED projector which uses a clever short throw projection tech, which means you need to be only a meter from a wall to get a 40-inch image.

Als included with the projector are a pair of built-in 3W speakers that use SRS surround sound. There is also a detachable DVD player and 3D projection tech. On top of that, you can hook up your phone or PC to the projector via wireless display.

PCs use something called EZ Presenter software which lets the projector work as a secondary display. iOS has an app of the same name which will work with PDFs, MS Office and iWorks docs.

This isn't the first time we have seen a small portable projector, but the fact it has so many functions, coupled with the iOS app, makes the GP10 quite a fun proposition. The GP10 is available to buy now at £495.

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Hunter Skipworth

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