Google has officially announced its Google Keep notetaking service, available on both the web and Android. Keep is baked directly into Google Drive, allowing users to take quick notes and lists, taking on the popular Evernote.

Google Keep went live earlier this week, but quickly disappeared. Creating a note or list is easy, requiring just a title and a body of text. The only type of categorising in Keep is through a colour coding system. Photos can also be embedded to add a little more to your Notes.

Notes are kept in the Google Drive folder for later retrieval and synced between devices. Once a note or list is completed, you can archive it for viewing later.

The Google Keep Android app features are locked-in with what's available on the web. The app also supports a widget that can be embedded on the Android homescreen, and for hardcore daily note takers, there is a lock screen widget as well for Android 4.2 devices. There's not an iOS app yet, though it can be accessed through the web.

Google Keep is available now on the web and Android devices

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