Wacom has announced the Cintiq 13HD pen display, which lets you draw to your heart's content at full 1080p resolution.

Built with designers and artists in mind, this is the first proper pen-controlled display to boast such a high resolution. Its 16.7 million colours and 178 degree viewing angles should also help those who plan on using the tablet for drawing.

Also included is a new battery-free Pro Pen, which you use to draw on the tablet. The new pen has 2,048 levels of pressure and tilt sensitivity, making for a realistic drawing experience. The whole tablet is wrapped up in a case, so you can store the Pro Pen without losing it. A stand is built into the case so you can sit the Cintiq at 22, 35 and 50 degree angles for drawing. 

The 13HD is the latest in Wacom's line-up of all in one touch displays. Also on sale is the 22HD, 24HD and 24HD touch. 

“We’ve gained valuable customer feedback in developing our latest Cintiq which will support professionals and help them spur creativity on the 13-inch high resolution screen," said Guido Möller, product manager creative products, at Wacom Europe. 

"Not only that, it also enhances productivity and saves creator time with new features. As with our entire Cintiq range, the new Cintiq 13HD provides a completely immersive and ergonomic pen-on-screen experience that adapts seamlessly to all working environments and practices.” 

The 13HD will go on sale from April 2013 and retail at £749. Pocket-lint will be posting more on the 13HD the moment we have a play with it.

Hunter Skipworth

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